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At NAU, tuition and fees are determined by semester, degree type, location, residency, military service status, and credit hours of students. To get an accurate summary of the tuition and fees you can expect to pay, follow each of the steps below. Total tuition and fees does not represent the total cost of attendance. For estimates of additional costs such as housing and meals and potential adjustments for financial aid see Estimated Other Expenses and use the Net Price Calculator.

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About tuition and fees at NAU

Arizona law classifies any person who is a US citizen or who has lawful immigration status and is an Arizona resident as an in-state student for tuition purposes.

Tuition and fees are based on your academic program by campus. If some or all instruction for all or part of the academic year is delivered remotely, tuition and fees remain the same and will not be refunded.

All amounts shown in the tuition and fees or in other university publications or web pages represent tuition and fees as currently approved. However, Northern Arizona University reserves the right to increase or modify tuition and fees without prior notice, upon approval by the Arizona Board of Regents or as otherwise consistent with Board policy and to make such modifications applicable to students enrolled at Northern Arizona University at that time as well as to incoming students. In addition, all tuition amounts and fees are subject to change at any time for correction of errors. Finally, please note that fee amounts billed for any period may be adjusted at a future date.